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Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos )

Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos )
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FID's Dragon Hammer is the First of it's Kind 
With an All NEW Design 
This is the First Solid rear axle Truck to be released to the 1/5th Scale Market, 

This New Rear End Design with a Real Scale inspired Four linked suspension, And Huge 235mm long Shocks, allows for Huge Articulation & Travel over nearly Any Surface you care to use it on, 

The Front Suspension has great travel, with it's 185mm Long Shocks, 
New Gull Wing Design Front Arms Give you Even More ground Clearence over the rough stuff, 
Big Oversized 7075 Alloy Turnbuckles take care of the steering and the Front Upper Links, 
Because of All this it makes running on the Really Rough stuff Extremely Easy. 

The Spec level that these Trucks comes with is simply Massive, 
Meaning you get an EXTREMELY Highly Spec’d truck right out of the box, 

There's None of this, 'Selling you NEEDED Hop-Up's After you've Purchased your Truck' 
Beacuse it comes with the Parts Already installed 
Meaning you actually get the truck you 'SHOULD' Get when you spend your hard earned money 

And the Spec goes much further than just the Upgraded parts you can see, 
Also Included are Upgraded Internal bits that you can't see 
There are 3 FID Alloy diff cases, Front/Center & Rear 
And the Front & Rear Diffs come with Helical Cut gears on their Crown gear & Pinions, 
Meaning you get a Much Smother & Stronger mesh 

It also comes with an All New innovative Wheel hex design & Fittment 
These have Solid Billet Alloy Wheels Hexes, with extended rear hubs 
They have 5 Bolts that go through your wheels to hold them in place 
And are sandwiched between 2 solid alloy plates, meaning they are Always Securely held in place 
(Rather than the More Usual Single center nut) 

The Dragons Wheels themselves are FID's Tomahawks, which are virtually indestructible 

The Tyres Fitted are FID's New 'Off-Road' Tyres 
In Testing, these have proven Great on Nearly All surfaces, Gravel, Grass, Muck & Dirt, Even Snow 

The New V2 Design Curved Front arms allow for even MORE ground clearence at the front (Over 10mm Extra) 
And they are now Even thicker & stronger, Utilizing Thicker King pins & Bolts 
The New V2 Caster Blocks are now Much Larger, As are the new Steering Arms 
And are Using Even larger bearings 
The V2 7075 Alloy Turnbuckles are Again Much Thicker, Stronger & Longer than before, 

The New V2 Body Design is now made using a Much Thicker 2mm Clear lexan 
With an Even Greater bodyshell Design, Including a Roof Spoiler, and More Cage coverage, 
All Trucks come with Two Full sheets of Livery Stickers for the bodyshell 
Also Fitted to the Chassis is a Pair of Dirt Guards to protect the inside of the truck and Cage from the egres of Dirt and Muck when your out having fun in the Mud 

All the Plastic parts used on the Truck are made using a DuPont Nylon, 
Which is Much MUCH Stronger than a Regular Plastic 
So they'll be able to stand upto much more abuse than the older types of plastics often used on 5th Scale models 

All in All the Spec on this Truck makes for one of the Best out of the box spec'd 5th Scale Rc's on the Market to date 
Everything, And MORE is Included in the Package for you 
As you'd Expect from a Company like FID 

Now comes with the Item's needed to get you straight up and Running, 
All you need to do is Install the Included items and off you go! 

Or, You can contact us when you purchase your Dragon, 
And for a nominal fee of £100, we can build and Install the included Equipment onto your Dragon for you. 
(This service fee is None refundable) 

Included In This Package Deal: 

  • Zenoah G360 Engine 36cc
  • FID Tuned Pipe 
  • 70kg Servo (Steering) 
  • 70kg Servo (Throttle/Brake) 
  • GT3b Radio Gear (Handset & Receiver) 
  • Overlander 5000 mah Nimh Receiver Battery 
  • Switchblade Killswitch 
  • Y-Lead Cable 
  • D845/D840 Spacers 

    Included in the Build:
  • Billet Alloy Front Shock Tower - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Rear Shock Towers - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Front Swaybar Brace - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Front Bumper Mount - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Front Top Plate - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy Front Diff housing - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy FULL Centre Rear Axle Diff Housing - Black/Red 
  • Billet Alloy Front Chassis Brace - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy Full Steering Set Up - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy Center Bearing Holder - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy Full Center Diff Tower & Brake Calipers - Silver / Red 
  • Billet Alloy Pinion Holder/Engine Mount - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Small Engine Brace - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Rear Swaybar Arms - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Shock Caps All Round - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Trailing Arms (Polished Silver) 
  • Billet Alloy Upper Four Link Ends With Rose Joints Black / Red 
  • Billet Alloy Fourlink chassis mounts - Red 
  • Billet Alloy Fuel Cap & Filler Neck - Red/Red 
  • Billet Alloy Extended Wheel Hexes & Caps - Silver/Red 
  • Billet Alloy Radio Tray Plate - Silver 
  • Billet Alloy Rear Top Plate - Silver 
  • 7075 Turnbuckles - Red 

    Item's Also Included With the Roller: 

  • CNC Alloy Small Engine Mount 
  • CNC Alloy Adjustable Throttle & Brake Linkage Set Up (Including servo Horn 15 Tooth Splines) 
  • CNC Alloy Adjustable Steering Horn, With 'Push Pull' Linkages (15 Tooth Spline) 
  • CNC Alloy Pinion/Clutch Housing To Engine Spacers & Chassis Mount 
  • CNC Alloy Engine Spacer Chassis Plates 
  • Alloy Servo Screw Spacers & Screws 
  • FULL Air Filter Unit (Including Housing, Filter, Top Plate) 
  • Fuel Line 'Anti Pinch' Springs 
  • Bolts for Small Engine Mount 
  • Screws For the Engine to Chassis 
  • Bolts for the Pinion/Clutch Housing 
  • Bolts for the Air-Filter 
  • Gasket for the Air-filter 
  • 2 Full Sheets of Livery Stickers 


  • FID 1/5 4WD Rear straight bridge gas truck (Dragon Hammer) 
  • Length:931.6mm 
  • Wheelbase:616.5mm 
  • Front tire track:449.2mm 
  • Rear tire track:443.4mm 
  • Max speed:75km/h 
  • Big chassis: 5mm 6061-T6 
  • 7mm Thick Shock Shafts 
  • 235mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Rear shock Absorbers(225mm Hole to Hole) 
  • 185.5mm Long CNC Alloy Bodied Front shock Absorbers (175mm Hole to Hole) 
  • 61 Tooth Steel Main Spur Gear 
  • 20 Tooth Steel Pinion Gear 
  • Fuel tank capacity:750ml 
  • Body shell: CLEAR, With 2 Full Livery Sticker Sheets 
  • Alloy front/middle/rear differential gear box 
  • Off-Road tyres:179x75mm 
  • More than half parts are alloy parts 
  • RTR Net weight:18.5kg Gross weight:24kg 
  • Engine Radio Gear and battery are not included 

  • Battery Tray Dimensions: 
  • 150mm Long 32mm Wide 
  • 40mm Deep, (45mm with the Lid on) 

    Recommended Parts: 
  • RCMz Limiting Cables (RCM004-r) 

    Before Using the Truck, 
    Please ensure you check it over when you install your Engine, Radio Gear, Servos, Battery 
    To check you are Fully happy with it's function on any Adjustable parts & Linkages, 
    That Everything runs Smoothly and Free and that Everything is Tight & Threadlocked where needed
Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos ) Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos ) Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos ) Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos ) Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos ) Dragon Hammer V2 PNP kit (36cc + Performance Pipe & 2x70kg Servos )

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